the work and musings of jeff vance martin


Jeff’s research focuses on human-environment relations, particularly around questions of human-wildlife conflict and political economy. He is currently pursuing a dissertation project on conflict over gray wolf conservation and livestock predation in the Northern Rockies through the lens of political ecology and economic geography.

Jeff graduated from UC Berkeley’s Peace and Conflict Studies department in 2008, completing an honors thesis on Arizona’s Gila River Indian Community Water Settlement Act. He completed his MSc in Environmental Governance through the Geography department at the University of Manchester (2011), with a dissertation project on the Kew Gardens Millennium Seed Bank Project. Following his Master’s, he worked in environmental compliance for the Department of Defense in Southern California before starting again at UC Berkeley.

In his free time, he pursues interests in artwork, fantasy worldbuilding and gaming, cooking, and bartending. He lives in Oakland with his partner Katrina and their dog, Magnus.

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